Using video in your curriculum – assessment

Video assessment

Rubric – effectively moulding your multimedia assessment

Delivering content via video and expecting students to themselves derive a video resource is no easy task. And as outlined in the resources above, there a number of methodologies which may be applied to achieve fantastic outcomes.

One key facet which needs to be reiterated is that your rubrics should be clearly structured. Spend time brainstorming what learning outcomes you would like to see that the students achieve. Here are some resources to get you started in this process:

Words of warning

  1. Ask students to have a test run when submitting assessments, just so they are not learning what to do in the last minute. You may want to facilitate this learning within a tutorial or as part of formative assessment.
  2. Make sure that students are clear on what is required of them; go over the rubric at length to ensure there is no confusion.
  3. Warn students that if they are leaving their video submission to the last minute, they risk being faced with delays in upload as many of their peers will be doing the same thing, thus putting pressure onto the server.

In future posts we will explore some pivotal things that you need to keep in mind when presenting to camera.