Using video in your curriculum – pedagogical application

Pedagogical application

Now that it is clear that video and visuals play a significant role in adding to the student’s learning journey, how can you go about effectively integrating video into your curriculum?

First and foremost, it is always best to get acquainted with what is already available rather than recreating the wheel, especially in the planning/mapping process.

Now that you have planned your video delivery – how do you go about executing it? Well, here at Deakin there are a number of services which can assist you:

  • CloudMobile – TeachAssist – may be booked for a designated time slot.
  • Your Faculty’s Pod team has the capacity to produce a video for you.
  • CaptureSpace – DeakinAir – is an application that we would encourage you to use. The installation process is simple via the entry point, here are some tutorials on how to set up and use this application:

In future posts we will explore some pivotal things that you need to keep in mind when presenting to camera.