Teaching Award Winners’ presentation

We had a great turn out for our Teaching Award Winners’ presentation by:

  • Associate Professor Kathryn Von Treuer, Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teacher of the Year 2014, and
  • Associate Professor Kieran Lim, OLT Teaching Excellence Award 2014.


Kathryn and Kieran presented on their years of experience in implementing innovative teaching at Deakin. Listening to both their presentations and the discussion that followed, several things stood out about developing successful, teaching innovations:

  • The importance of partnerships with colleagues, industry bodies, professionals in the field and communities
  • Patience – it takes a lot of work over years to develop a robust and sustainable innovation
  • Educational research – know what is out there in the journals and work with it
  • The strength of working at Deakin for garnering outside partnerships
  • Deakin’s focus on quality teaching meant their innovations were supported and thought important
  • Connection with a community of teaching practice
  • When considering an innovation look for a high likelihood of success
  • Using CloudDeakin as a resource for garnering student views on the units you are teaching
  • Innovation in teaching can be a research opportunity – consider getting Ethics Approval prior to implementation
  • Use industry standards as a basis for innovation
  • Look at issues beyond your immediate unit
  • Keep reflecting on your changes with colleagues and those involved with the innovation
  • Consider an award or grant as a basis for further innovation
  • Take every opportunity

What teaching change have you tried?
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