Small changes, big impact – Using eVALUate for teaching part 2

eVALUate is the student evaluation survey used at Deakin to gauge the student learning experience. You can use it to make big changes and small changes in your teaching. Let’s focus on a small change with a big impact. There’s a section in the Deakin Unit Guide titled “Improvements in Response to Student Feedback“. This space is often used to encourage students to fill out the survey. Some however, use it to advise students of changes that have been made to the latest iteration of the unit in response to student feedback.

EXAMPLE: The following changes have been made for this trimester, as a result of feedback from previous students: In previous years, student feedback showed that the teamwork parts of this unit had some challenges.  The ability to work effectively in teams is critical.  For this reason, I have maintained the team-based assignments, but have increased the individual contribution for the assessment tasks, to allow each student to individually demonstrate how they have met the criteria for the assessment task and the unit learning outcomes.

Why not use the section in your Unit Guide to advise students of changes you have made in response to eVALUate feedback?


Vikki Pollard

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