Life and Environmental Science sessional staff blog

Blogs are a way to connect people with similar interests, keep them informed and encourage active participation in a community. Good news then for sessional staff in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science Engineering & Built Environment –  Associate Head of School Jan West has started a blog. Read Jan’s announcement below.

Being a sessional staff member within a large multi-discipline school that is spread across 3 campuses can make it challenging to stay connected with the broader school community.  The School has recently launched a Blog for our Sessional Staff Teaching Community.  The purpose of this blog is to create a forum where we can communicate regularly with you and we can share ideas about teaching, give you some tips on good practice and make you aware of any teaching related activities that may be of interest.  You can also share your experiences with teaching and request any resources that you may find useful.

The link to the Blog is:
You can subscribe to the Blog with an email address and then you will get notifications of any activity on the Blog.

We hope you find this of interest.


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