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Resources for Self and Peer Assessment

Here is a list of useful resources on self and peer assessment created by Deakin University as well as other institutions around the world.

Checklist for Designing and Implementing Self and Peer Assessment – Deakin Learning Futures (2015)

Peer and Self Assessment – Deakin Learning Futures (2013)

Offers an overview of self and peer assessment. On page 14, there are tips on how to implement self and peer assessment with diverse student cohorts.

Student Peer Assessment – UNSW

This site gives the comprehensive overview of peer assessment including some useful case studies. Under ‘Strategies’, useful tips for designing peer assessments can be found.

Student Peer Assessment – RMIT

Concise summary with many tips for introducing and implementing self and peer assessment.

Peer Review – University of Melbourne

Useful PDF ‘guides to student peer review’ and ‘involving students in peer review’ on this page. There are handout resources for students also. History and outcome of their project around peer review and Praze are shared here (which is no longer open source application as of 2015).

Peer Assessment – Cornell University

Concise overview of peer assessment with more recent literature (after 2010).

Peer Review – Pennsylvania State University Brandywine, USA

Comprehensive overview and offers good tips on how to use peer review in teaching your students to evaluate each other’s work.

Peer Assessment – University of Reading, UK

Video resources, numerous resources under various relative questions (e.g. why should I use peer assessment? how do I troubleshoot peer assessment?)

Self Assessment – University of Reading, UK

Focus on self assessment with key questions in designing self assessment and various examples of case studies.

Peer and Self Assessment in Student Work – University of Reading, UK

Provides the key principles and sample assessment criteria based on different assessment types (e.g. Oral presentation and Team functioning)

PEER project website – University of Strathclyde, UK

Peer Evaluation in Education Review (PEER) identifieds and discusses educational designs and software tools that support learning through peer review.