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The Assessment Tool Project is part of Student Journey Plan carried out through T2 and T3, 2015 at Deakin University. The project is run and managed by a team from Deakin Learning Futures (DLF).

Assessment Tools ProjectThe key objectives of the project include:

  • to engage Deakin University in a discussion of self and peer assessments;
  • to investigate, identify and make recommendations of the appropriate self and peer assessment (online) tools for the University

This project page is intended to demonstrate and disseminate the outcome of the project. Please feel free to look into this space and contact Chie Adachi ( or 03 9244 3895) if you have any questions or feedback.

Calls for participation into a research project

Following this project, along with Phillip Dawson (Associate Professor, CRADLE), Joanna Tai (Research Fellow, CRADLE), Mark O’Rourke (Associate Director, DLF) and Susie Macfarlane (Senior Facilitator, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences), we have launched a new research project in 2016 – “Self and peer evaluation and feedback: challenges and opportunities” which looks at academics’ perceptions and experiences of self and peer evaluation and feedback. If you are interested in telling us about your views and practices, please contact the project leader, Chie Adachi ( or 03 9244 3895) to arrange an interview or participate in focus groups. 

Alternatively, if you are an academic or academic developer at Deakin, we would really appreciate your participation through our online survey.