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First impressions

Unit chairs and unit teams invest a lot of time in creating their CloudDeakin unit sites. A great deal of thought goes into planning a unit and making decisions about learning resources, assessment, best ways to relay information, weekly activities and topics. However, one of the frequently overlooked considerations is: how do you greet students? Students’ first impressions about a unit and the lecturer can impact on engagement and their learning experience. An introductory video provides a human face to a unit and personalises your teaching. This is especially important for completely online units.

Video Post widget

The Video Post widget is a quick and simple way to display Video messages to your Unit Sites, aiming to both bridge the gap with your students and to build their virtual engagement at the commencement of the trimester.

Remember, this tool can also be used as a way to stay in touch with your students at a Unit level, for purposes of Assessment updates, general feedback or any relevant news pertaining to the Unit.

The New and Improved Video Post Widget

  1. Log into your unit in CloudDeakin
  2. Select ‘DeakinAir’ from the ‘My Tools’ menu
    You may get asked to allow the application access to your information. Check the box shown and press ‘Continue’
  3. Once the DeakinAir tool has opened, press ‘Add New’ and ‘Media Upload’ from the right-hand side.
    You may be asked to agree to the copyright declaration. Click ‘I agree’.
  4. Click ‘Choose a file to Upload’ vpwidget-pic5. Browse to, and select the video you wish to upload. Press ‘Open’.All common video, audio and image formats in all resolutions are accepted. For best results with video, we recommend preparing videos in 1280×720 pixels and using the H.264 video codec at about 4000 kb/s.
  5. Once the files has uploaded, you will be asked to fill in all the required information such as Name, Description, Tags, Type, Language and Abstract.
  6. Press ‘Save’.
  7. Press the Unit’s ‘Home’ button vpwidget-pic7 to return your to the homepage.
  8. Inside the ‘Video Post Widget’ click on the ‘Choose Video’ button vpwidget-pic8 to bring up the list of video’s you have available.
  9. A new window will open with a list of all videos you have access to.
    • If you have many videos, it may be advisable to switch to collapsed view by togging the view in the top right hand corner vpwidget-pic9.
  10. Press ‘Select’ vpwidget-pic10 for the video you wish to have appear in the widget.
  11. You will now be asked to enter the title and description of the video that will appear in the widget. (By default, these will be the same as they appear in DeakinAir). Once complete, press ‘Save’ to have the video display in the widget.
Here is a useful flowchart that outlines a variety of options available for Unit Chairs in creating (welcome) videos at Deakin.

Welcome video flowchart

script Have a SCRIPT ready – at least have dot points of what you are going to say in the video.
time Keep your video SHORT and sweet  – up to 3 minutes of video is sufficient.
mic Find a QUIET recording space.
light Find a WELL LIT environment. The light should be in front, or beside you, NOT behind you.
play Use the new Video Post tool to insert your welcome video on the homepage of your CloudDeakin unit site.

Use the new Video Post tool to insert your welcome video on the homepage of your CloudDeakin unit site.

A unit introduction video could contain the following elements:

      • Introduction – e.g. “Welcome to ABC101, my name is ……and I am the Unit Chair of this unit.”
        • About yourself as a unit chair, lecturer, researcher
        • About the unit – overview of the unit
        • About the teaching team
      • Learning outcomes
      • Assessment
      • Lecture/seminar/tutorial locations and times
      • How the unit relates to the course as a whole
      • Methods of communication
      • Any other aspects of the Unit the Unit Chair would like to emphasise
      • Conclusion – e.g. “I welcome you to this unit and I look forward to meeting you as you continue your journey with Deakin University.”

Sample script can be downloaded here.

The CloudMobile is available at all campuses (please check the schedule to see when it is at your location and book a time) and our team can assist you with any further questions about making a unit introduction video.

Each Faculty has a team to support your teaching and learning, contact the relevant team if you have questions about faculty-specific video information.
Faculty T&L contacts and support

Further information:
Short video on creating a Video Note
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Page based on SEBE Unit introduction video guide, created by the DLF SEBE course enhancement pod and ArtsEd welcome video resources.