SparkPlus is an online assessment tool which allows students to evaluate both self and peers, on tasks.


SparkPlus is an online assessment tool which allows students to evaluate themselves and peers on tasks. Based on the students’ input and evaluation, SparkPlus can produce two important factors: the Self and Peer Assessment (SPA) factor and the Self Assessment to Peer Assessment (SAPA) factor, which can be used for calculating individual marks based on the overall group mark. This tool is suitable for self- and peer-assessments based on groups and group projects/assessments. If you are thinking of self- and peer-assessments on written (individual) assignments, PeerMark (as part of Turnitin) is recommended. Please contact your faculty CloudDeakin Support Team for more information.


In the recent history, self- and peer-assessment has been widely discussed as a pedagogically sound approach for student learning. The opportunities that self- and peer-assessment can offer include:

  • Self- and peer-assessment develop various skills.
    • Better judgement of their own/peers’ work against certain criteria.
    • Team work, collaboration and communication skills
    • Reflective and critical thinking.
    • Equip students for the real world/work.
    • Help students understand assessment design, criteria/rubrics better.
    • Place students in the active learning mode = from ‘the assessed’ to ‘the assessors’ = increased motivation.
    • Maintain the level of student learning without more input from staff.

SparkPlus is one of the most efficient self- and peer-assessment tools that Deakin Learning Futures can support in implementation on a pilot bases in 2015.