Smart Sparrow


What does Smart Sparrow offer?

Smart Sparrow is an authoring tool to build adaptive content. It features:

  • built-in templates
  • personalised learning paths
  • real-time collaborative authoring environment
  • able to import and build media rich simulations
  • intelligent feedback

Teach to the student,
not to the class.

Learn how adaptivity works.

Create your own adaptive courseware that targets individual student needs, increases engagement and improves student outcomes.

Setting up your Smart Sparrow accounts

You as a Deakin staff member have access to the Smart Sparrow platform which you could use to develop your interactive and student-tailored lessons.

Use your to create your account. Please visit the Smart Sparrow website and complete the sign up form.

Log into the Smart Sparrow Workspace.

Recommended Browser

Google Chrome is the most compatible browser with Smart Sparrow’s Authoring tool. It is thus recommended that it be used when authoring your lessons. If you don’t have Google Chrome installed on your computer, please download from this official website.

We encourage that you access the platform and have a play.


Smart Sparrow Guides

You will only be able to access the help centre once you have logged into Smart Sparrow. There are several resources that would answer frequently asked questions. A few more links you may find useful:

Deakin Smart Sparrow Yammer Group

The community of practice is growing through shared experiences as well as  resources.

Storyboarding Template

Instructional Videos

We have developed a resource to provide you with at-the-elbow support in your journey of learning to use Smart Sparrow – Deakin’s adaptive learning platform.

Getting Started with Smart Sparrow – Instructional Series:

We hope you find you find these instructional videos valuable. We endeavour to develop future series which look at more complex features of the platform.

How-to guides

The below are useful how-to guides on ‘creating accessible Smart Sparrow lessons’ and ‘how to deploy, share and deactivate your lessons once they are developed and ready to be incorporated into your CloudDeakin sites.

Available lessons, ready to be adapted

Deakin Loop, the BEST network and OLT Adaptive Mechanics Network

There are established collaborative networks which utilise the Smart Sparrow adaptive learning platform. Within these networks you can find lessons that can be adapted to your curriculum. Spend some time exploring the lessons available on these networks. If you do not see that the content uploaded translates to your course or unit, you could always just take note of the lesson’s architecture and seek to apply it to your contexts and needs.

Below are three portals which contain Smart Sparrow lessons, ready for adaptation. To access lessons on the BEST and Adaptive Mechanics networks, you first need to register to the networks using your Deakin credentials.

Further Support

For any technical issues, please contact eSolutions for

For further information and support, please contact: