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Small Classroom Capture is an extra type of Echo recording suited to smaller seminar rooms.


Small Classroom Capture allows classes or seminars in selected teaching spaces to be recorded. It is designed to supplement current teaching spaces, but not replace Echo Safe Capture HD devices in larger teaching spaces.

Small Classroom Capture is available in selected venues, including 14 rooms at Burwood, 12 rooms at Waterfront, 3 rooms at Warrnambool, and 1 room at Waurn Ponds.

  • Allow students to review classes.
  • Access for students with disabilities.
  • Resource for Cloud students.
  • Record of teaching.
  • Resource for future course development.
  • Recordings are booked using the Echo booking form.
  • There are two types of recordings: Auto Recording (recommended) and Ad hoc recording.
  • Auto Recordings start and finish automatically.
  • Recordings will be available in EchoSystem when processing is completed.
  • The recordings can be linked to unit sites in CloudDeakin.
What will be captured?
  1. Presentations and images from the computer including PowerPoint, Word documents etc.
  2. Presenter’s voice from the wireless microphone.
What will not be captured?
  1. Document camera images.
  2. Audio from the computer e.g. videos, narrated PowerPoints etc.
  3. Presentations from other computers connected to the projector e.g. laptop.


Note: The lecturer’s voice will not be heard from the speakers in the room.

Ad Hoc recording

Note: If the unit and offering for the trimester is not available, you will need to request an Echo section by filling out the Echo Booking Form. This will allow you to publish your recordings to the EchoSystem.

Video demo of Small Classroom Capture (SCC) – Ad hoc recordings

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(Video by Deakin Learning Futures)