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Media Encoder is a high quality transcoding software for video production.


A high quality transcoding software for video production. Media Encoder produces a wide variety of format types. It can also produce multiple format batches when needed and has easy queuing functionality combined with easy-to-use settings.
Generally you will need to make file format changes to videos that you create, whether they are on a mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. DeakinAir is capable of transcoding most video formats, however you can optimise your own files prior to uploading them to DeakinAir so as to ensure optimal quality.
The following pictorial guide will show you how to easily import, create your own user Preset, and export your video files within the Deakin University environment for upload to DeakinAir.

Importing your original video clip

Once you have downloaded Media Encoder from the Self Service console and then opened the software, the first step is to import your original video file into the Source pane: Click the ‘+’ button.

Media Encoder. Screenshot of select file.

The file import pane will open. Select the file you would like to import.

Media Encoder. Screen shot of file import pane.


Creating your settings and a DeakinAir Preset

You will now see the imported file appear in the queue. You will also see a number of presets that are loaded with any newly imported clip. We will make changes to these as we go.

From the dropdown Preset menu, select HD 720p 25. This will be the beginnings of a DeakinAir preset you will create.

Click on the Preset to open the preview pane.

Media Encoder. Screenshot of presets.

By clicking on the preset, you can now also make changes to a variety of settings. In the Bitrate settings, ensure that the Target is set to 5 (Mbps) and the Maximum is set to 7.5 (Mbps). These are suitable rates for DeakinAir. To enter these settings, click on the numbers, type in the change if needed.and press Enter on you keyboard. Other defaults in this setting should be unchanged.

Saving your DeakinAir Preset

In Export Settings in the upper right of the pane you can now save this setting for future use, by clicking on the hard disc icon. You can now name your new preset and it will appear in the Preset menu.

Media Encoder. Screenshot of Saving your DeakinAir Preset

Selecting your Output Location

You will now need to choose a location to save the new transcoded video file to. To do this, while still in the Queue pane, click on the Output File setting. A Finder window will prompt you to choose a location, so name the new file, choose a location to store to and click Save.

Media Encoder. Screenshot Selecting your Output Location

Rendering, pausing or resetting

You are now ready to begin the transcoding/rendering process. You can begin by clicking the green arrow. If you need to pause the process, simply click the same button to pause.

Media Encoder. Screenshot of beginning the transcoding/rendering process

Should you need to reset the process, simply click the pause button, highlight the item, right click and choose Reset Status. You can now begin again if you need to changes.


Media Encoder. Screenshot of the Reset Status option.


Download a copy of our Adobe Media Encoder Quick Guide (PDF, 478 KB).