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With, Deakin staff and students can access more than 5 800 online courses and training videos. Using allows you to learn at your own pace, save playlists of favourite courses and participate using a computer, tablet or other mobile device. Courses are designed to help users engage with new software and develop skills with digital technologies. video resources can be used in a range of ways to assist with teaching and learning:

  • The resources could be used to encourage development of Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes in students especially the following:
    • GLO 2: Communication: using oral, written and interpersonal  communication to inform, motivate and effect change
    • GLO 3: Digital Literacy: using technologies to find, use and
      disseminate information
    • GLO 6: Self-management: working and learning independently, and taking responsibility for personal actions.
  • The resources may be used in a range of ‘flipped’ and blended classroom contexts. Before class students can have the opportunity to acquire digital literacy skills essential to participation in broader activities in the classroom, such as learning theory and participating in active and student-centred learning, projects and problem based learning and group collaboration.
  • resources can be used by students to develop appropriate skills which can be used in activities or assignments. For example students may learn how to use iMovie in and then create videos for an assessment.
  • Use of an online training library resource as a reference of digital technologies for staff and students.
  • Deakin staff and students can keep up-to-date with digital technology skills, familiarise themselves with a vast array of teaching and learning and other digital technologies and learn at their own pace.
  • Users are able to compose playlists of resources (hand-selected lists of courses that help individuals learn new skills) for students to use for teaching and learning activities or share useful resources with colleagues. Students can create playlists themselves, or as part of a structured activity.
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