Learning Map: Assessment

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Build all your assessment tools within your CloudDeakin sites.

The following technical resources might help in building your assessment tools.

Mark your student assignments in CloudDeakin via Assignment submission boxes (>Assessments>Assignments) and provide feedback to students for future improvement.
There are many ways to leave feedback for your student assignment – see Leave feedback and grading submissions for examples.
Monitor student progress and respond to their progress with Class Progress and Intelligent Agents.

The following pedagogical resources might help better understand the practices around feedback.

Finish grading student work and publish student grades in the CloudDeakin Grades area (> Assessments > Grades).

Reflect on and evaluate how your assessments were designed, conducted and resulted this trimester.
There are questions around assessment and feedback within eVALUate. Use this data to critically analyse your practice.
Go back to the start of Design phase for redesigning and improving your assessments for the next trimester.

The following resource might be useful in thinking about evaluation for improving teaching and learning.

Mark and provide feedback