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Engaging students using Intelligent Agents



Intelligent Agents are a communication tool within CloudDeakin. It can send automated emails based on pre-defined criteria. For example, it can work based on the occurrence and/or lack of students’ performance – e.g. not logging into the unit site, achieving a HD on a quiz/grade item.



Intelligent Agents can be used to engage students effectively while providing various educational values. For example, Intelligent Agents can:

  • Increase communication with students in an organised and automated way
  • Provide personalised approach to engaging with students (even with a large class of students)
  • Send out additional resources and information (e.g. via links and attachment) to students based on their
  • Save time for academics as Intelligent Agents can be set up in advance instead of sending separate emails to individual

Tips for using Intelligent Agents

  • Make the contents of emails and the setting (e.g. how often emails are sent, based on what criteria) personable so that students think that they received personalised messages and
  • Overuse of Intelligent Agents can lose its
  • Remind students that they cannot ‘reply’ to Intelligent Agents


The Intelligent Agents tool is found in CloudDeakin via Set Up > Communication > Intelligent Agents.

For further information on how to set up Intelligent Agents, please visit:


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