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Providing rich interactive multimedia is a key feature of cloud learning at Deakin. It enables students to access resources that support learning wherever they are; without the need to attend a specific location at a defined time.

Both audio and video have been used to support learning for some time, but as new technologies have become available and the cost of making media resources has dropped, it is now possible for individual educators to capture their own audio and video using every day, accessible technology.

Making videos can be as simple as using your webcam to record a welcome video. More involved production processes are great for creating videos which convey complex ideas or which involve more than one speaker.

Production estimates

There are three basic methods of creating a video:

  • CloudDeakin’s inbuilt VideoNote function
  • Green screen studio
  • or location-based shoot with TeachAssist or Faculty assistance.

VideoNote, while the quickest, produces lower quality videos and offers little scope for editing. Green screen studio or location shot videos require more time in the planning stage to create a script and choose a place to record for location shoots, but they provide a much higher quality result. Green screen and location videos allow for custom editing and titling of the recorded video and result in a polished, professional look.

The below graphics provide an estimate of the amount of time required to make a two minute ‘to camera’ video with basic editing and titles where required. For longer, or more complex videos, including image or video overlay, the time required will be greater and should be decided on a case-by-case basis.

 Production type time breakdown Video production staff time breakdown graphic
TeachAssist is available to help you if you have any further questions about making a unit introduction video.

Each Faculty has a team to support your teaching and learning, contact the relevant team if you have questions about faculty-specific video information.
Faculty T&L contacts and support

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Page based on SEBE Unit introduction video guide, created by the DLF SEBE course enhancement pod.