Deakin Air

Deakin Air Upgrade

The new version of DeakinAir will be going live for all users on 10 March 2016.

DeakinAir is Deakin University’s dedicated online video service, based on the Kaltura platform. Over the last few months a project team has been working to move our platform to the cloud. This upgrade will provide new features and change the way you perform some tasks.

The new version of DeakinAir can be accessed directly at, login is with your Deakin username and password.

New Features

  • Integration in CloudDeakin
  • Embedding content in common Deakin locations
  • Screen Capture and WebCam recording
  • Accessibility Features
  • Video Collaboration

Better integration in CloudDeakin

You can now find DeakinAir within CloudDeakin within the My Tools and the More menus.

The DeakinAir link within the My Tools menu will take you to your My Media area where you can upload and manage your video content.

The Media Gallery link within the More Menu will take you to a Gallery of videos for your unit. You can add to this gallery and allow students to add content also.

Note: For those of you in the Trimester 3 pilot please note the menu location change within the new CloudDeakin template.

The video post widget provided in the new CloudDeakin template is available for you to publish your recordings for your unit. There is a tutorial on how to achieve this located within DeakinAir.

You can continue to use DeakinAir from the Insert Stuff menu from within the WYSIWYG editors within resources, discussions, news items etc.

Embedding content in common Deakin locations

You can now embed videos into common Deakin web content locations:

Information on how to do this is in the Service Now knowledge base.

Please note a WordPress solution is still in development.

Screen Capture and Web Cam recording

DeakinAir now comes with a desktop tool “CaptureSpace Lite” which you can download to capture your screen or webcam.

You can record any of these combinations of media sources. You can add Titles, credits or edit your recording and then upload straight to the server. Videos can then be embedded into your unit site or other web page.

Tutorials are in DeakinAir.

Note: Firefox is the recommended browser to use CaptureSpace from.

Accessibility Features

On the new DeakinAir you can select your own thumbnail, add a captions file and add slides to your videos.

Video Collaboration

When you edit a video in DeakinAir now, you can now allocate collaborators who can either edit, or publish your videos.

We have developed a tool that can link an IAM group to a channel or category so that you can view your team’s videos and work on them together. More information to follow.

Where can i find out more?

Video Tutorials

Tutorial videos have been created and can be found in the Tutorials menu of the new platform.

User Guides

User Guides have been created by the TeachAssist team and can be found at

Your Faculty support teams have been working with the project to be able to assist you with any questions you may have of DeakinAir.

Teach Assist are also available to assist you with the usage of the tools provided and if you have any issues please contact the IT Service Desk.

Migration of Content

There are 2 phases for migration.

  1. Content has largely been copied from the old system onto the New DeakinAir. During this activity we undertook a cleanup, content that is current and being used was migrated to the new system. Instructions should have been provided to you about your content via email.
  2. Updating embed codes where videos are included in web content. Once the videos are moved we can work to update all the links to the new location.

Content was copied in the last week of February and the relinking of content will be an ongoing task. The old system will honour these links until later in the year once all links have been updated.

Any questions on migration should be directed to the DeakinAir Migration project (email: )


If you have any issues with the system please raise a ticket with the IT Service Desk. who can route your query to the appropriate support team.