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Byrne-Davis, L, Dexter, H, Hart, J et al 2015, ‘Just-in-time research: a call to arms for research into mobile technologies in higher education‘, Research in Learning Technology, vol. 25.

Keppell, M, Suddaby, G & Hard, N 2015, ‘Assuring best practice in technology-enhanced learning environments‘, Research in Learning Technology, vol. 25.

Moreillon, J 2015, ‘Increasing interactivity in the online learning environment: using digital tools to support students in socially constructed meaning-making’, TechTrends, vol. 59, no. 3, pp. 41–7.

Wright, N 2014, ‘A case for adapting and applying continuance theory to education: understanding the role of student feedback in motivating teachers to persist with including digital technologies in learning‘, Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, vol. 21, no. 4.

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