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Bus/Law has approximately 12 units using portfolios, with about 2,500 students this trimester using portfolios. At least two courses are using the portfolio across the course. The Showcase made the point that portfolios are used best when students reflect on their learning across their course. Students also need to have strong curation skills so that the portfolio does not end up an artefact treasure trove that lacks coherency.

Kim Watty discussed the OLT portfolio project she has been leading for almost two years – Business Education ePortfolios. Anne Kershaw discussed her experiences in coordinating the use of portfolios across the Bachelor of Management course. One of the challenges faced is that the portfolio unit is not credit-bearing. Another challenge was that students have trouble reflecting across units. Campbell Heggen discussed the use of portfolios in the Master of Financial Planning. They begin portfolios in a first trimester unit and finish them in the Capstone. Chris Perara discussed his experiences as a tutor in an Accounting unit. He suggested it was difficult for students to reflect. Two students also discussed their experience, with Line Vanna being a particularly great speaker.

One of the challenges, if not the main one, of using portfolios is getting students to write reflectively. It is a very new experience for Bus/Law students.

OLT project
If you were using portfolios, how would you teach students the skills of reflection?
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