OurTeaching launch

The new Community of Practice: OurTeaching was successfully launched by our PVC, Professor Liz Johnson on 30th July. It was well attended by more than 40 staff across all campuses and stimulated vigorous discussions around ‘peer assessment’ as the first topic for the group. After Liz Johnson made the launch with an acknowledgement of Deakin’s strong focus on teaching and learning, Associate Professor Damian Blake (Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning from Faculty of Arts and Education) presented his reflections on peer assessment. This initiated open discussions from all participants sharing their experiences with peer assessment including opportunities and challenges – not only what worked, but also what didn’t work well. Some of the themes raised in our discussions were around:

  • Peer assessment as formative vs summative assessment
  • Peer assessment, peer evaluation and peer review
  • Students’ involvement as assessors and in the creation of rubrics, the associated advantages and challenges
  • Importance of good rubric design for peer assessment
  • Inclusion of reflective practice in peer assessment
  • Team work vs group work and how can we incorporate these as assessable skills – challenges to teach these skills as part of curriculum
  • Moderation process in peer assessment

The discussion on peer assessment at the first COP was timely given the Assessment Tool Project (as part of Student Journey Project) that Dr Chie Adachi is leading, progresses us towards University wide implementation of peer assessment tools. If you have further feedback and would like to contribute to the project, please contact Chie (chie.adachi@deakin.edu.au or 43895).

The next OurTeaching COP will be on August 27 and we hope to see many of you there for more sharing of our teaching and learning practices and experiences.

If you have any topics in mind to be shared at this forum, please fill in the online form (link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/dlf-ta-OurTeaching)

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