OLT Grants announced

The OLT have just announced grants for 2016. This round will accept full proposals for innovation and development grants, and strategic priority commissioned grants. The closing date is not far off, so if you have an innovative teaching idea in need of funding, now is the time to apply!

Innovation and Development Grants support research, development and innovation related to the enhancement of learning and teaching in higher education. Priority areas include academic standards, curriculum design and employability skills. (OLT 2016 Guidelines)

Strategic Priority Commissioned Projects support the investigation of key issues that have been identified as important in the Australian higher education system. (OLT 2016 Guidelines)
If you are interested in applying, please see Teaching and Learning@Deakin or email the Teaching Awards and Grants Team: learningresearch@deakin.edu.au

The Teaching Awards and Grants team will work with applicants to ensure meeting the OLT due date, including assistance with achieving DVC (E) endorsement.

*NB. Applications not endorsed by the DVC (E) will not be accepted by the OLT.

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