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In large class teaching, sustainable feedback is a useful concept. What is high value feedbackversus low value feedback for the student and the academic? (from Hounsell, 2007). Low valuefeedback might be a fully-marked up essay detailing expression errors, or lots of single word comments like ‘confusing’. High value feedbackfor written expression might be selecting one section to fully mark out and explain how to change errors within that selection. Similarly,  ‘confusing’ or ‘needs structure’ could be changed to direct instruction on how not to be confusing, or how to structure. Think “What you can do for next time is….” This gives students an action for improvement. Be explicit with your students about your feedback methods so they are in step with you.

Julia Savage

Hounsell, D. (2007). Towards more sustainable feedback to students. In Rethinking Assessment in Higher Education: learning for the long term. Eds. D. Boud & N. Falchikov. Routledge:NY


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