HERDSA Conference July 6-9 Melbourne


It’s HERDSA time again and this year it is in Melbourne! HERDSA stands for Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia and as well as producing a high quality journal, they hold a yearly conference. This year it’s at Jeff’s Shed – also known as the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The theme is “Learning for life and work in a complex world” – keynote speakers include Dr Gardner Campbell, Dr Helen Chen and Dr George Seimens.

The conference is chaired by Deakin Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Beverley Oliver. Deakin had a big hand in the organising committee (thanks Rachael and Trish!) and there’ll be lots of Deakin folk both presenting and attending.

Deakin presenters include:
Jo Coldwell Neilson on student evaluation of teaching
Jan West on large scale research experiences for under graduates
Johnny Terziovski and Naomi Davis on Me in a Minute
Sophie McKenzie, Jo Coldwell and Stuart Palmer on career aspirations of IT studentsSusie McFarlane on workplace learning and mobile technology
Ian Story on teamwork
Karen Young and Rachael Hains-Wesson on Reflective Practice and STEM
Danielle Teychenne on emerging technology and employability
Trish McCluskey on leading teaching and learning

Posters by Deakin folk include:
Gail Fluker on synchronous communication software
Liz Johnson on science threshold learning outcomes
Julia and I on professional learning (We are presenting a peer-reviewed paper at ISSOLT in October, so stay tuned for that!)

It’ll be an informative and fun few days. We’ll let you know what we learnt when we return.

Vikki Pollard

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