HERDSA Conference 2016

The HERDSA conference was held 1–4th July 2016 in Fremantle, Perth. It was a great conference with Deakin’s work being well presented and perceived by the experienced audience.

Here are some reflections from some DLF staff that attended (Trish McCluskey, Trina Jorre De St Jorre, Darci Taylor and Chie Adachi). They have put together reflections of the conference through Storify and Twitter posts.

Deakin T&L reflection on HERDSA 2016: https://storify.com/chieadachi/herdsa-2016

HERDSA 2016 Programme: http://herdsa2016.org/images/HERDSA_Program_Download_160701.pdf

Further, Trish has also complied more detailed stories from each day as per below:

Opening Event – https://storify.com/trilia/herdsa-2016-opening-session-mon-july-4th

Day 1 – Morning      https://storify.com/trilia/herdsa-2016-day-1-keynote-july-5th

DAY 1 – Afternoon   https://storify.com/trilia/herdsa-2016-day-1-afternoon-posters-july-5th

Day 2 – Morning      https://storify.com/trilia/herdsa-2016-day-2-morning-july-6th-2016

Day 2– Afternoon    https://storify.com/trilia/herdsa-2016-day-2-afternon-6-7-2016

Day 3 – Morning      https://storify.com/trilia/herdsa-2016-freemantle-day-3-july-7th

Day 3 – Afternoon    https://storify.com/trilia/herdsa2016

We hope you enjoy it and would appreciate any feedback/questions if any.

Best wishes,

Darci, Trina, Trish and Chie


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