Helping students develop group work skills

Students really dislike group work when (a) they are not sure how the group should work and (b) when some group members get a free ride (Hall & Buzzwell, 2013).

One strategy we can use to improve students’ experience of group work is to make desirable group work traits more explicit to our seminar group. Here is a quick self-evaluation list students can use to reflect on their own group behaviours (Jaques & Salmon, 231:2007).

It is a handy resource in first year units before, during and after group work activities as metacognitive awareness about working meaningfully with others grows with practice.

Group work self-evaluation


Figure: Jacques,D. & Salmon, G. (2007) Learning in Groups. NY: Routledge

Ref: Hall, D. & Buzwell, S (2013). Looking beyond social loafing as a reason for non participation. Active Learning in Higher Education, vol 14:1, 37–49.

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