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How to grade Turnitin submissions?

Please follow the below instructions when starting to mark your assessments.

1. Login to FutureLearn and find your course offering from the Course Creator at the top left.

2. Click on Manage assignments.

3. Click on Mark submissions in Turnitin from the Action column. This will open in a new tab.

4. The Turnitin Assignment Inbox lists all of the student submissions for the assignment.

*Please note that the ‘Optional Settings’ has been set up for your unit according to the Deakin policy. If you would like to change anything here, please let the central DLF know.

5. Click on the similarity score from the % column to open the document viewer. The score sits alongside its corresponding colour.

6. In this view, you can you exam the Similarity Report as well as provide feedback to students.

7. You can use the QuickMark function to provide feedback to students.

8. Don’t forget to enter a grade for each of the submissions.

More help?

For more information about using the grading tools including QuickMark, visit: