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Here are some frequently asked questions that you may find useful when starting out using Turnitin in your FutureLearn Courses.

With the current setup of Turnitin, this functionality is not available.
By default, we have 15 working days between the due date and feedback release date.
Yes, the Grading Form type rubric is recommended.

The Turnitin has been setup to allow late submission. The date of the late submissions will be displayed in red colour.


Once the student has submitted the assignment, please check the submitted date (this appears as red colour in Turnitin) that it is within the granted extension date.

For more information on how to use Turnitin, refer to the guide (link to come).
Students can resubmit their assessments. The new submission will override the previous one.

Note that the originality report will not appear for at least 24 hours.

Students can self-check your work using the Assignment folder in UniStart [link opens in a new tab].

They must submit their final version in their FutureLearn unit.

Check with your Faculty requirements. Here is a webpage with helpful resources [link opens in a new tab].

A cover sheet needs to be added as the front page of a student’s assignment.

Turnitin accepts Text, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Postscript, PDF, RTF, HTML, WordPerfect, Hangul, OpenOffice.

Note: PDF documents must contain text to be submitted. PDF files containing only images of text will be rejected during the upload attempt. To determine if a document contains actual text, copy and paste a section or all of the text into a plain-text editor such as Microsoft Notepad or Apple TextEdit. If no text is copied over, the selection is not actual text.

The time taken for the originality report to appear depends on a number of factors, including the size of the file being uploaded and the load on the Turnitin database at the time of uploading. For first submissions, this can be a few minutes or greater than 24 hours. For subsequent submissions, the report will not appear for at least 24 hours.
Please contact Yana Grevtseva on how to use Turnitin in FutureLearn.
Deakin Learning Futures need to make a request to FutureLearn to manually give access  to the nominated Unit Chairs and markers within the unit. Please contact Chie, Annie or Yana to organise this.

Refer to the flowchart below for details on the workflow.

Turnitin integration into FutureLearn Courses – approval process:

Process chart for requesting use of Turnitin in FL CoursesFollowing the process chart depicts the workflow for acquiring Turnitin in your FutureLearn Units.

Click on the image to enlarge it.