Finding Public Domain and Creative Commons images for teaching

There are so many images across the internet, and searching for what is in the Public Domain or covered under Creative Commons for teaching purposes can be difficult.

Firstly, what does ‘Public Domain’ refer to?

Public Domain’ content is where has been given to the public either because existing copyright has expired or the creator has waived their rights.

Creative Commons on the other hand is a licensing system that is recognised worldwide where the creator can attach a selected Creative Commons license to their work with a few different scenarios.

The Harvard Law School Library has a fantastic resource and links to resources on ‘What do Public Domain and Creative Commons mean?’

Here at Deakin there is a huge array of resources and support documents to help with copyright and licensing.

Deakin has also established an Asset Bank for easy access to digital resources that align with the Deakin brand that could be help with your teaching needs. There are over 7000 images, with more added regularly, as well as numerous templates.

For any staff copyright queries, please contact the Deakin Copyright Team at