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Using video in your curriculum – assessment

Video assessment Rubric – effectively moulding your multimedia assessment Delivering content via video and expecting students to themselves derive a video resource is no easy task. And as outlined in the resources above, there a number of methodologies which may

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Using video in your curriculum – video delivery

Video delivery There are a plethora of pedagogical benefits of delivering content to students in video form, with one of the key features being the optimal video length for student engagement. In the blog post by Philip Guo, the optimal

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Upcoming ACEN workshops

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Deakin’s new Graduate Diploma of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Deakin has joined a small group of institutions on the world stage which are willing to delve into the deep end and offer their students a qualification in the ever-expanding field of virtual and augmented reality. hairsisters-lace-front-wigs    | lace-front-wigs-human-hair   

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New Prize for Best Unit Welcome Video

Welcome Videos were introduced to all Deakin unit sites this year. It’s a simple addition but it puts a face to each unit. So it’s another important step in building engaging, personalised, learning experiences for all our students. hairsisters-lace-front-wigs   
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CloudDeakin news: retiring and decommisioning old DeakinAir

Dear Colleagues It has been nearly a year since we have launched the new DeakinAir as our video platform for Deakin University. This platform has been seamlessly integrated with our CloudDeakin environment and we have observed an increased usage of
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Finding Public Domain and Creative Commons images for teaching

There are so many images across the internet, and searching for what is in the Public Domain or covered under Creative Commons for teaching purposes can be difficult. Firstly, what does ‘Public Domain’ refer to? ‘Public Domain’ content is where

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Seminar – Working with sessional staff

  Stories from faculty Presented by Dr Julia Savage, Professional Learning Team, DLF Join us to hear from LES and Health academics about innovative and standards-based strategies for supporting sessional staff. Special guests are Jan West, Tricia Wevill, Adam Cardilini

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Blended learning success story: Dr Jacyln Broadbent

A recent post on the D2L website highlights the success of Dr Jacyln Broadbent’s first-year Health Behaviour blended learning class by incorporating some key tools of the D2L Brighspace platform, namely Intelligent Agents and Portfolio. This large unit, with over 2100 students,

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STARS (Student transition achievement retention and success) Conference 2016

Guest speaker Brydie Leigh Bartleet, Director of the QLD Conservatorium (and 2014 Australian University Teacher of the Year) Brydie’s keynote focused on the capacity of the Arts to engage and build community. In particular, Brydie highlighted the outcomes of her

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