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It has been over a year since we have launched Bb Collaborate as our Online Virtual Classroom platform for Deakin University. This platform has been seamlessly integrated with our CloudDeakin environment and we have observed an increased usage of this tool for teaching and learning.

As a result, we are now planning to retire and decommission eLive by 21 August 2015. Recordings on eLive will be inaccessible once the system is decommissioned. If you feel that a particular eLive recording is important, please download and convert it before this date. Instructions on how to download and convert eLive recordings are available here. Please contact the eSolutions ServiceDesk if you require assistance with managing the conversion of your eLive recordings.

Privacy regulations 

Deakin staff are required to take measures to maintain the privacy of students and other staff whose identifying information is evident in the recording. Downloaded files must be protected from misuse, loss and unauthorised access. Files must be stored in a safe location and staff are prohibited from sharing the downloaded files beyond the participants of the original teaching and learning event and/or meeting.

It is recommended that staff DO NOT store downloaded files on a portable hard drive or USB flash-drive as the storage device may be easily lost.


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