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Small Classroom capture allows you to record your class or seminar in selected teaching spaces.

Small classroom capture is designed to supplement current teaching spaces, but not replace Echo Safe Capture HD devices in larger teaching spaces.

What will be captured?

  1. Presentations and images from the computer including PowerPoint, Word document and so on.
  2. Presenter’s voice from the wireless microphone.

What will not be captured?

  1. Document camera images.
  2. Audio from the computer.
  3. Presentations from other computers connected to the projector eg laptop.

Book venue

Step 1: Find a small classroom equipped Venue (Click on venue name for more information).


Venue Capacity
B3.15 25
B4.01 16
B4.03 26
B4.06 25
B4.07 25
B4.16 26
B4.17 25
I1.12 30
I1.13 30
N2.07 20
Y1.20 20
Y2.01 30


Venue Capacity
F2.03 30
F3.03 30


Venue Capacity
D2.104 30
D2.105 35
D2.204 30
D2.205 30
D3.206 30
D3.207 30
D3.209 25
D3.210 20
D4.203 32
D4.204 30
D4.206 32
D4.207 35
D4.208 32

Waurn Ponds

Venue Capacity
IC1.005 30
IC3.402 34
KA1.206 23
KA1.211 25
Step 2: Check with Facility Management Services for venue availability.

Step 3: Book the room through Facility Management Services.

Step 4: Complete the Echo Booking Form.

On the day

Contact the eSolutions IT Service Desk on ext 888 if you need on-site support.
Teaching staff should advise students that the class will be recorded before the start of class.
Note: The device monitoring tool (delcom LED light) will not work with Ad hoc recording.

Note: If you have already made an ‘Echo Venue’ booking for this Trimester, a section has already been created and you do not need to create it again. You may however, create a ‘Resources’ section if you wish to create a space where the media is not immediately available to students.

Auto recording

If you’ve booked the recording through the booking form, use the following steps:

Step 1: Log into the presentation workstation

Note : You must log into the presentation workstation to commence the recording. The scheduled recording will not commence until you log in.

Step 2: Switch on the wireless lapel microphone

The wireless lapel microphone used for Small Classroom Capture is very similar to those used in larger teaching spaces. Simply remove it from the charging dock and switch it on. If you get a green light on the transmitter the unit is on.

Note: Your voice will not be heard from the speakers in the room.

Step 3: When the class has finished, turn the microphone off and return it to the charging dock

Step 4: Logout of the presentation workstation

Ad hoc recording

Note: If the unit and offering for the trimester is not available, you will need to request an Echo section by filling out the Echo Booking Form. This will allow you to publish your recordings to the EchoSystem.

Use the following steps for ad hoc recording:

  1. Log into the presentation workstation.
  2. Click on Start -> All Programs -> Echo360 -> Client -> Launch Echo360 Classroom Capture.
  3. Click on Record.
    Small Class Capture
  4. Login using your Deakin username and password.
  5. Click on Login.
  6. Enter a Title for your recording.
  7. Select your Course.
  8. Switch on the wireless lapel microphone.
  9. Then click on Record. You’ll see the Recording icon Record button in the task bar.
    Notes : To pause, click on Pause button and to resume recording, click on Resume button.
  10. Click Stop to stop recording. Recording will be automatically uploaded to EchoSystem.
  11. When the class has finished, turn the microphone off and return it to the charging dock.
  12. Logout of the presentation workstation.