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The News tool enables you to communicate updates, changes and new information to your students quickly and effectively.

News postings appear in the News widget on the unit homepage. Since this is the first page that the users often see when they log in or access their units, it’s a good way to display pertinent information.

Create a news posting

  1. Navigate to the News widget.
  2. At the top of the News widget, click New News Item from the News context menu.
  3. Type the posting headline in the Headline field.
  4. Type your posting text in the Content field. You can use any of the features of the HTML Editor.
    Note: When using images in your news posting, ensure that the maximum image width is 650 pixels.
  5. If you do not want the date to appear by the headline, deselect the Always show start date check box.
  6. Select the Start Date.
    Note: If you set a posting’s start date to a date in the future, the posting will not be visible to students until that date. For example, if you want a News posting to appear first thing Monday morning, you could create it on Friday afternoon and specify a start date of Monday at 9.00 am.
  7. If you want to specify an end date for your News posting, select the Remove news item based on end date check box and specify an end date.
    Note: You can still see the posting after this date, but it is hidden from students.
  8. You can add attachments to your News posting, such as pictures or other files. To add an attachment, click the Add a File button in the Attachments section, drag files over an upload target (contain the text ‘Drop files here, or click below’) then click Add. If this functionality is not available in your browser,
    • click Upload to locate the file that you want to upload
    • click Open
    • then, click Add.
  9. You can also release the News item using release conditions. Only those students who have met the conditions will be able to view the News item.
  10. Click Publish.

Note: Your News posting appears on the unit homepage on the date that you selected. If you selected Show Start Date, the date of the posting appears beside the headline.

Edit a news posting

  1. Select the Edit icon from the context menu of News item you wish to edit.
  2. Make your required changes.
  3. Click Update.

Reorder news postings

  1. Click Reorder News Items from the context menu of News.
  2. Select the new position for a News item using the Sort Order dropdown box. The positions of other folders or categories will adjust accordingly.
  3. Click Save.

Delete a news posting

  1. Click the Delete icon from the context menu of News item you wish to delete.
  2. Click Yes in the confirmation message.

Delete an attachment from a news item

Click the Delete icon for the attachment you want to delete.

Restore a news posting

  1. Navigate to the News widget.
  2. At the top of the News widget, click Go to News Tool from the News context menu.
  3. Click on the More Action button and select Restore.
  4. Tick the box on the News item you wish to restore and click on Restore.