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Setting up your computer

The following essential steps will help you to successfully access, log in to and use CloudDeakin.


For more information about Accessibility in CloudDeakin refer to the Accessibility Guide.

Further notes:

If you continue to experience problems after configuring your browser software settings, it may help to clear your browser cache and cookies. Please look at the Recommended browsers and settings page if you need help doing this.

Navigating CloudDeakin

Access your unit

The My Sites widget on your home page gives you access to the units you are enrolled in that use CloudDeakin. Click on a unit (e.g. unit code TRI-1_2013) in the My Sites to go to the learning environment for that unit.
If the My Sites widget does not include all the units it should, please contact the Unit Chair or your Faculty CloudDeakin Support team to gain access to the unit.

Navigate CloudDeakin

Go to How to navigate your unit in CloudDeakin for information on accessing the CloudDeakin homepage, and navigating components and tools that may be found in your unit.

Mobile and tablet devices

When you login from your tablet or smartphone, the default view is CloudDeakin’s Mobile View which is optimised for mobile usage. It is not recommended that you use the desktop view on your mobile device as not all functionality works on mobile devices. The following mobile apps are free and can help staff access, view resources and grade assignments in CloudDeakin.

Assignment Grader

Grader app logo (iPad only) The Assignment Grader allows you to mark your submissions using your iPad offline and synchronise your graded dropboxes when you are online. Assignment Grader guide


Binder app logo This app allows you to download resources to your tablets for offline viewing. You are also able to select Send to Binder from the CloudDeakin environment to have content sent to the app for offline viewing. Binder App guide

Deakin does not recommend or support the usage of CloudDeakin in the “Desktop View” on mobile or tablet devices. Please use the recommended “Mobile View”.

Mobile Supported


  • News
  • Content
  • Discussions
  • Grades
  • Calendar

NOT Mobile Supported

NOT Supported

  • Creating resources of any kind, e.g. News, Assignments, Quizzes or uploading files
  • Marking and grading

Please use a desktop computer to complete the above tasks.