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EchoSystem is a presentation capture and playback service that incorporates both visual and audio content of classes and presentations.

Echo gives you the ability to capture and record presentations:

You can also upload media recorded on another device or software to the EchoSystem and link these to your CloudDeakin site.
EchoSystem ensures that students can playback media in various formats suitable to their internet connection at home or outside of Deakin, including streaming or downloading audio or video files and subscribing to podcasts and vodcasts.
In addition, EchoSystem offers a media-rich interface, with functionality like scene detection, keyword search, bookmarks and the ability to track student usage.

Echo Booking Form

Complete this form to:

Book Venue

Important: From T2 2015, any room that is booked through the Room Bookings page as “Class” will automatically be booked in EchoSystem and recorded. For other types of activities, or for rooms not booked through the Room Bookings page, please schedule a recording by using the Echo Booking Form indicated below. Please allow 24 hours for the automatic bookings to be created or any changes to be updated. Seminars and Small Classroom Capture are NOT automatically recorded so make sure you have booked them as needed. For any urgent bookings or short notice changes, please contact IT Help.

You can always verify/check that the recordings have been scheduled by looking-up your unit’s section in EchoSystem itself. If you notice any errors or irregularities, please contact IT Help.

Note: Under the Academic Timetabling Policy: Section 4 Clause (11), “classes will commence on the hour and conclude 10 minutes before the scheduled finish time” to allow students to vacate the room in time for the next class to begin on the hour. However, due to staff feedback, the Echo recording of the session will be extended beyond this time. You will be able to pause or stop the recording at any time via the AMX panel as per normal if the session has already concluded.

  1. Find an Echo Equipped Venue (Click venue name for more information)

Melbourne Campus at Burwood

Venue Capacity
B1.20 (LT11) Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 93
B1.26 23
B1.28 60
B1.77 (LT03) Dual Capture Enabled 502
B2.22 35
B2.23 46
B2.38 26
B3.05 (LT04) Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 101
B3.07 (LT05) Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 100
B4.12 (LT06) Dual Capture Enabled 101
BC2.106 North 2 With video conferencing 26
BC7.103 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 14
E1.014 40
E2.014 40
E3.014 30
HC2.005 (LT13) Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 670
HD3.008 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 90
HD3.009 Dual Capture Enabled 72
HE1.014 Dual Capture Enabled 100
HE3.001 Dual Capture Enabled 30
HE3.002 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 30
I2.02 (LT01) Dual Capture Enabled 419
I2.05 (LT02) Dual Capture Enabled 202
I2.07 (LT01a) Dual Capture Enabled 250
L1.08 (LT10) 50
LB2.100 36
LB2.101 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 60
LB2.207 (LT14) 104
LB2.307 32
LB2.308 45
LB2.309 32
LB5.208 With video conferencing 10
M1.103 25
M1.105 25
M2.102 25
M2.109 25
M3.102 25
M3.109 25
N2.20 36
N2.22 36
P3.03 With video conferencing 40
P3.05 24
X2.05 (LT12) Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 212
Y2.04 (LT07) 60
Y2.43 (LT08) 63

Geelong Campus at Waurn Ponds

Venue Capacity
DD2.101 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 200
DD2.203 With video conferencing 36
DD2.204 With video conferencing 30
DD2.216 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 12
DD2.218 With video conferencing 36
DD3.205 With video conferencing 32
DD3.206 With video conferencing 80
DD3.219 With video conferencing 36
DD4.101 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 36
DD4.207 48
DD4.214 48
DD4.219 36
IA1.006 (LT1 Peter Thwaites) Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 250
IB3.232 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 130
JC2.104 24
KA3.403 Dual Capture Enabled 200
KA3.406 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 130
KA3.411 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 80
KA4.402 32
KA4.404 35
KA4.406 33
KA5.303 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 45
KA5.312 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 39
KC2.208 Dual Capture Enabled 25
KE1.207 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 160
NA1.210 41
NA1.417 (with video conferencing) 90
NA1.418 78

Geelong Campus at Waterfront

Venue Capacity
D2.193 (Percy Baxter LT) Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 150
D2.194 Dual Capture Enabled 100
D2.211 Dual Capture Enabled 60
D2.212 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 60
D2.330 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 80
D2.331 48
D3.108 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 30
D3.211 Dual Capture Enabled 70
D4.303 (Costa Hall LT) Dual Capture Enabled 324
D4.321 70

Warrnambool Campus

Venue Capacity
A3.45 22
B3.03 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 99
B3.05 Dual Capture Enabled 58
C1.13 (D@YD) Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 48
F1.01 100
G1.01 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 220
J2.01 Dual Capture Enabled 154
J2.20 With video conferencing 28
J2.27 40

Geelong Hospital

Venue Capacity
HERB2.13 TR1 40
HERB2.14 TR2 40
HERB2.15 TR3 40
HERB2.18 TR4 20
TTR1.18 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 174

Deakin Downtown

Venue Capacity
cs212.103- Multi Function Wadawarrung 2 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 64
cs212.131- Main Function Gunditjmara 2 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 55

Werribee Learning Centre Deakin

Venue Capacity
WL1.007 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 27
WL1.009 Dual Capture Enabled (with video conferencing) 21
  1. Check with Facility Management Services for venue availability.
  2. Book the room through Facility Management Services.
  3. Complete the Echo Booking Form.
    Note: You need to use VPN to access the form from home.

On the Day of the class

To ensure successful capture of your Echo recording:

  • The recording of the class begins automatically at the start time specified on your booking form and runs for the full duration you have designated.
  • You need to use at least one of the venue microphones which include either the lectern mic, lapel mic or roving mic. The microphone must remain ‘on’ for the entire presentation for a recording to be undertaken.
  • Make sure the mute mic is turned OFF .
  • If using the lapel or roving microphone – PLEASE CHECK THE BATTERY LEVEL – change the battery if it is flat/low.
  • The Echo system records the LAST SOURCE that is selected via the lectern control panel.

Refer to the Quick Reference Guide on how to operate the AMX touch panel.

Note: Training in the use of lecture theater presentation equipment is available through the Service Desk.

Upload Media

If you want to upload existing media, or record a video from your own home/workstation computer. You first need to create a section in Echo to hold this media by filling out the Echo Booking Form.

Note: If you have already made an ‘Echo Venue’ booking for this Trimester, a section has already been created and you do not need to create it again. You may however, create a ‘Resources’ section if you wish to create a space where the media is not immediately available to students.

Using Media Import

You are able to upload external media to your Echo Section using the Media Import tool. These resources are supplementary to the captures in EchoSystem in venues. For example, you can:

  • Upload a video that students should view for discussion at seminars
  • Upload materials that expand on a particular class

You will need to seek further advice from the Deakin Copyright team if you would like to make available commercially-produced media.

  1. Login to the EchoSystem Server.
  2. Click on the Echoes tab, then on Media Import.
    Media Import
  3. Click on Browse.
  4. Choose the file from your computer and click Open.
  5. Then click on Upload. Note: It may take a while for your file to upload, especially if it is a large file and you are not on the Deakin network.
  6. Choose the term, course (unit code) and section from the dropdown menus.
  7. Enter the start date and time, title and description (optional)
  8. Choose the Media Type:
    • Audio only
    • Audio and Video (e.g.: DVD or video footage)
    • Audio and Powerpoint or Low motion video (e.g.: Narrated powerpoints, web tour or document camera)

    Related info

  9. Check that you have received all green ticks to indicate your uploaded file meets all the requirements and click Next.
  10. Choose a product group from the drop-down list.
    Product group
  11. Click Start Processing.
    Start processing
  12. The recording will take up to two hours to process and publish to the EchoSystem. Once it is available, you can manage your Echo recordings in the EchoSystem or link to the Echo recording in CloudDeakin.

Link your Recording

EchoSystem gives you the ability to capture and record presentations and link these to your CloudDeakin site.
By providing your media through EchoSystem, you are ensuring that your students can easily playback recordings depending on their internet connection at home or outside of Deakin. Students are provided with various playback formats including the ability to stream or download media files and subscribe to podcasts or vodcasts.

Linking your Echo recordings is a two-stage process.

Note: Only staff with Unit Chair access to unit sites AND Instructor access to Echosystem will be able to create Echo Recording links.

STAGE 1: Add a link to the EchoSystem

  1. Log into CloudDeakin using your Deakin Username and Password.
  2. Select the unit you wish to add the Echo recording to.
  3. Click the Resources link from the Navigation Bar at the top of the Unit page.
  4. Go to the module you wish to add the Echo recording link.
  5. Click the Add Existing Activities link then select Additional Applications.
  6. A pop-up box will appear, select EchoSystem.

STAGE 2: Select your recording(s)

  1. From the List of Resources, click on the link to EchoSystem that you have just created. Note: If you receive a security Warning Message, press continue.
  2. You can now choose to:
    • Link to EchoCentre (All recordings) Click on the Link to EchoCenter button next to the unit offering you wish to make available to your students. You can also preview the EchoCentre before you create the link (this will open in a new tab).
      Echo associate all recordings
    • Link to individual Echo recordings Click the + button next to expand the unit offering and show the available individual recordings. Click on the Link to Echo button to link to the desired recording. You can also preview a recording before you create the link (this will open in a new tab).
    • Link to Echo recordings from another unit offering You may also link to recordings from other units and sections that you have access to. Type the unit code into the search box and click the Search button.You may also link all or individual recordings as shown above.
      Echo search
  3. Once you have selected one of the above linking options, you are now finished and the recording will be available to view in your CloudDeakin site.

Note: The CloudDeakin Demo Student cannot access Echo recordings.

Clicking an individual Echo Recording will display the Echo recording and a thumbnail with the first frame of the recording, title, time and date, and description.

You are also provided with five options:

  • To stream the video in EchoPlayer;
  • To listen to just the audio in the browser;
  • To download just the Audio in .mp3 format;
  • To open the video within the browser;
  • and to download the video in M4V format.
    Echo navigation

If you linked to all the recordings for the unit, the link will open the EchoCenter for teaching staff.

Note: Students have a different view of the EchoCentre to teaching staff. Students will see their bookmarks in place of the recording statistics.

The EchoCenter for teaching staff allows you to:

  1. Access all the audio and visual recordings for your unit.
  2. View course statistics by trend or by week. Hover over the bars in the graph for more information.
  3. Discussions are currently disabled. Encourage students to use discussions within your CloudDeakin unit site.
  4. View analytics to help you gauge how many students are viewing your echo recordings, the cumulative views and the average completion rate for all your students viewing this echo recording.
  5. Use the heat map to find out what is most interesting to your students. This is determined by the number of views per segment and the notes generated in a segment by your students. Hover over or click on a section of the heat map to find out more information.
  6. Access information about the recording or your personal bookmarks.
  7. Stream an echo recording using the EchoPlayer.Echo centre instructor view

Embedding EchoPlayer

You can embed the EchoPlayer of a particular recording into a HTML resource page.
Note: The embedded EchoPlayer is not viewable on iOS mobile devices.

  1. Login to EchoSystem Server using your Deakin username and password.
  2. Click on the title of the Echo recording which you wish to embed.
  3. Select and copy the embed code under EchoCentre Page.
  4. Open in a new tab and go to your unit site.
  5. Create a new page or open an existing page where you want to embed the recording.
  6. Click on Insert Stuff Insert Stuff icon button then click on Enter Embed Code.
  7. Paste in the code.
  8. Click Insert.

A Copyright Notice is automatically pre-pended to all recordings published to the EchoSystem, ensuring that consumers of the media are aware that some of the materials used in the recording may have been reproduced and communicated pursuant to Deakin’s statutory licences under Part VA and Part VB of the Copyright Act.

Part VA notice (additional detail also available at the Copyright Site)

Manage Recordings

Teaching staff are able to manage their Echo recordings via the EchoSystem Server.

Login to the EchoSystem Server

There are several tasks you can perform in the Echoes > Echoes page:

Hovering over the desired Echo Recording will let you do one of the following useful actions:

  • view: You can play/review the recording in the Echoplayer.
  • play m4v/play mp3: You can Stream or Download the recording as either audio or video.
  • edit: Edit the Recording. Edit title, add or remove additional presenters or add a description.
  • download: You can Download the Raw Media. (This is ONLY recommended for AudioVisual staff)
  • closed Caption You can download an Audio-Only MP3 for the purposes of creating closed captioning content.
  • copy: You can copy echoes to other area’s.
  • move: move echoes to other courses and sections.
  • delete: You can delete unwanted Echo Recordings.

Trim a Recording

  1. Hover over the desired recording.
  2. Select edit.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Edit Media.
    Edit Media
    Note: The RAW media (for editing) is only kept for 110 days (a single Trimester) once recorded. If the ‘Edit Media’ button does not appear, then this time-frame has elapsed. Please contact IT Help if edits must be made.
  4. Drag the Playhead Play head in the scrubber bar below the Echo monitor (shown below) to the section you would like to cut.
  5. Drag the Crop markers Crop markers to the start and finish section that you would like to cut. The light blue portion of the scrubber bar (shown below) highlights the footage you have selected. Just below the Scissor button you will also be able to view the start time and finish time for the crop markers.
  6. Click the Scissor Cut button to remove the selected footage.
    Edit markers
  7. Click on the Preview tab.
    Preview tab
  8. Click on the Play icon to preview the trimmed recording.
    Play icon
  9. Click on the Save tab. Enter Version Description if you wish.
    Save tab
  10. Click on Process Edits. The system will replace your original recording with the edited recording.
    Process edits
    Note: If you select the Save Edits button at this point, your recording will not be sent for processing. In order to submit your recording for processing if you have selected Save Edits, you will need to click the “Back” button in your web browser, and choose the Process Edits which will submit your edited recording to processing.

Note: You can edit any part of the Echo recording by following this process. It need not be only the “Top and Tail” of the recording.

Note: Once you save your edits it can take up to 2 hours for the new version to become available. During this time the original recording is still available. You can make this recording unavailable until your edits have processed.

Copy a Recording

  1. Hover over the desired Echo in the list.
  2. Select Copy.
  3. Edit the Echo name if required.
  4. Select a new section that the Echo will be copied to.
  5. Click Copy.
  6. The Echo will copy to the new section but will be unavailable.
    Note: The newly copied Echo is listed under unavailable while waiting for processing. Once this is done, the Echo will be listed under Available tab.
  7. Once appearing under the Available tab, you can edit the recording’s title and date. Don’t forget to click on Save.

Alternate Delete Method

  1. Place a tick in the box next to the Echo recording/s to be deleted.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Delete selected from the Actions drop-down list.

Permanently Deleting a Recording

  1. Click on the Deleted tab.
  2. Place a tick in the check box next to the Echo recording/s to be deleted.
  3. Scroll to bottom of the screen and select Delete permanently from the Actions drop-down menu.

Make Recordings Available or Unavailable

  1. Select the Available or Unavailable tab of the recording you wish to change.
    Available and Unavailable tabs
  2. Place a tick in the check box next to the desired recording/s.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Make Available or Make Unavailable from the Actions dropdown list as appropriate.
    Make recording unavailable

Note: It may take a few minutes for the recording to be moved to the Available or Unavailable tab.