Blended learning success story: Dr Jacyln Broadbent

A recent post on the D2L website highlights the success of Dr Jacyln Broadbent’s first-year Health Behaviour blended learning class by incorporating some key tools of the D2L Brighspace platform, namely Intelligent Agents and Portfolio.

This large unit, with over 2100 students, is working extremely well to incorporate technology with teaching.

Student retention rates have increased, as well as improved student evaluations.

Great work!

Some recent publications that might be of interest:

Broadbent, J., & Poon, W. L. (2015). Self-regulated learning strategies & academic achievement in online higher education learning environments: A systematic reviewThe Internet and Higher Education, 27, 1–13.

Honicke, T., & Broadbent, J. (2016). The influence of academic self-efficacy on academic performance: A systematic reviewEducational Research Review17, 63–84.



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