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Bb (Blackboard) Collaborate is an online classroom environment.


Bb Collaborate Classic enables the delivery of a virtual classroom for online learning, mentoring and meetings in a collaborative environment. It is integrated with the CloudDeakin learning management system.

Bb Collaborate Classic features real-time text and talk over the web, a whiteboard area, polling/quizzes, application sharing, session recording and breakout rooms.

Bb Collaborate Classic is fully integrated with CloudDeakin and is supported by Deakin eSolutions. It enables a classroom environment regardless of the moderator or participant’s physical location.

Examples of ways that Deakin staff have used Bb Collaborate Classic include:

  • Discussions
  • Brainstorming (using whiteboard)
  • Group work (breakout rooms or private sessions)
  • Guest (remote) presentations
  • Instant feedback and polling
  • Quizzes
  • Demonstrations
  • Staff to student catch-ups
  • Collaboration and document sharing
  • Student collaboration spaces
  • Online lectures or tutorials.


Why use Bb Collaborate for Teaching and Learning instead of Skype for Business (Lync)?

  • Bb Collaborate Classic can have thousands of users in a session (Skype has a limit of 250 people).
  • Bb Collaborate Classic includes online classroom tools such as the ability for a student to virtually ‘raise hand’.
  • Bb Collaborate Classic allows different permissions for moderators (teachers) and participants (students).
  • Bb Collaborate Classic is integrated with CloudDeakin
  • All Bb Collaborate Classic recordings are automatically stored in the CloudDeakin unit site.

Required equipment

To participate in a Bb Collaborate Classic session, you will need:

  • A headset (microphone and speakers)
  • An internet connection
  • A link to the session (available through your CloudDeakin unit site)
  • A computer.

Create a session

To create a Bb Collaborate Classic application and session link you will need to have unit chair access to your CloudDeakin site:

  1. Log into your CloudDeakin unit site. Click Resources > Add Existing Activities > Additional Applications. Choose Blackboard Collaborate Classic from the list. (Note: this step only needs to be done once per unit.)
  2. Click on the new Blackboard Collaborate Classic link. Create Session (far right of the screen) > Add a session name, and start/end times. Click the Options tab, and tick ‘Private chat messages are supervised’. Click ‘Create session’.

Note: if you are from the Faculty of Health, your CloudDeakin support team will create the Blackboard Collaborate Classic links for you.

See the video below for further information about creating a session.

Video: Add a Blackboard Collaborate Classic link to CloudDeakin

Your browser has failed to load this video. Please click here to view it in DeakinAir.


Suggested solution

I can’t hear
anyone / others can’t hear me!
  • Try Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard.
  • Make sure you click the ‘Talk’ button (top left of your screen) before speaking.
  • Check that you haven’t accidentally pressed the ‘mute’ button on your headset cord (light flashes when on mute – press the button again to turn off mute).
  • Still having audio issues? Unplug and re-plug your headset. Exit out of the session (close like a web page), then while your headset is still plugged in, re-enter the session.
  • Call Deakin eSolutions for assistance: Internal phone ext. 888, or external ph. 1800 463 888

Where’s my

Go into your CloudDeakin unit site and click on the Blackboard Collaborate Classic link. You will see two tabs at the top of your screen – one will say ‘Sessions’ and the other ‘Recordings’. Click on the Recordings tab.

I want to
invite a guest to the session

Moderators can click on the session link and then copy the ‘Guest link’ and send it to anyone not enrolled in the CloudDeakin unit site (your guest does not need a Deakin login).

Do I need a new session for each week of classes?

You can create a session that is open all trimester or all year if you want. That way students only have one link to click on. Please add a news item or set up a calendar entry to remind students when they need to attend the session. (Info on using the calendar in CloudDeakin)

Recordings – What happens to my recordings if my session is open all trimester or all year?

Any recordings made from a session open for an extended period will be stored as separate files within CloudDeakin. The file names include a date/time stamp.

Recordings – Can you delete recordings?

Yes. Click on your recording in the list of items in CloudDeakin. Cancel the prompt to download (or other errors that pop up). The ‘Play’ window should then load. Click the ‘Delete’ button to delete the recording from CloudDeakin.

Recordings – Mobile devices

People on mobile devices cannot watch native Bb Collaborate Classic recordings. They will need to either: a) view the recording on a Windows or Mac computer, or b) ask the moderator of the session to convert the whiteboard portion of the recording to mp4 format.

I want to create a session that is not linked to a unit site

You have two options:

a) Set up a Bb Collaborate Classic session in your CloudDeakin sandpit (play area) and then send your participants the
guest link. If you don’t have a Sandpit in CloudDeakin, contact eSolutions on extension 888 to have one created.

b) Contact your Faculty CloudDeakin support team, and ask if a special Bb Collaborate Classic link can be setup outside of CloudDeakin.


Online guides

Tech help
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