Acclaim for teaching at Deakin

Several external stakeholders to Deakin have been interviewed about their opinions regarding excellent teaching practices at Deakin; here’s one of them.

Jenn Griffin, PhD
Professor, Strategic Management & Public Policy
George Washington University, School of Business

Jenn Griffin is visiting Professor of Strategy on the Deakin MBA program. She’s providing a global perspective on issues of strategy and also how CSR, ethics and sustainability are of strategic importance – but in different ways – across the globe. She is also participating in the broader life of the Deakin Business School – undertaking a research seminar to staff, engaging with HDR students about methodology, data collection and accessing companies, and also talking with colleagues about common research interests. Director of the Deakin MBA describes Prof Griffin’s visit as ‘an important part of how we bring global perspectives in to the classroom. We are committed to providing off-campus students with quality learning experiences – and so we’re thrilled that Prof Griffin was able to make use of the Cloud Mobile.

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