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Quite a bit of discussion lately on the problem of plagiarism in higher ed. (See Phillip Dawson’s piece in The Conversation.) Vikki and I are working with Sharon Berman from Bus/Law Learning Innovations on a detailed document about assessment design for reducing plagiarism, including teaching about plagiarism, to help faculty academics. You might like to consider using the following table as an activity in your unit. It is exploratory so a safe way for students to discuss matters of originality. Great way to identify what you need to focus on too.

Student Activity; discipline-specific academic integrity for Blog_Page_1Student Activity; discipline-specific academic integrity for Blog_Page_2

Here’s the whole activity:  introductory in class integrity activity

We know learning about academic protocols is a steep curve for most undergrads…

Julia Savage

Ref: Carroll, J. (2008) Assessment Issues for International students and Teachers of International Students. The Enhanced Series Case Studies: International Learning Experiences. Higher Education Academy: UK.

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