Student engagement: What do I/we/they mean?

Deakin Learning Future Seminar

presented by Dr Julia Savage

Student Engagement: What do I/we/they mean?

“If you want to learn to play basketball, I can lecture you all day and you’re not going to improve. You have to practise and get feedback to adapt your motion. Thinking is much the same — the brain wiring changes in response to intense thinking. You’ve got to have those neurons doing the right thing, or students aren’t going to learn.”

Carl Wieman, (Nobel Prize Physics, 2001) The Australian, 9/3/16

Developing your discipline’s learning engagement strategies. What fires your students’ neurons?

The seminar hosted by Deakin Learning Futures will be run from Burwood, across campuses and via VMP.

Date: 18th May

Time: 12pm  – 1pm


Burwood: Burwood Corporate Centre
Warrnambool: A 3.41
Waterfront: AD 5.005
Waurn Ponds: Ic 3.315
VMP: *VMP DLF 1 36948

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